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School Council

Here at Strathearn, we have an active School Council, comprising elected representatives from every class in the school. The School Council is led by two sixth form pupils who act as Chair and Vice Chair, and they oversee our regular meetings which are usually held at the Library. This year, the School Council continues online.

The School Council is a key way our pupils have their voice heard about issues that relate to school life. Lots of issues come directly from pupils, who raise them at the meetings and recently, School Council has discussed uniform, how pupils feel about homework and extracurricular activities. Teachers also consult pupils through the School Council, so our School Council has talked about Strathearn's Positive Behaviour Policy, our school ethos and our merit system.

Through our School Council, there are opportunities to get involved in other events that relate to wider issues that are important to our pupils, like education and sustainability.

Members of our School Council pupils develop communication, leadership and teamworking skills, and all pupils have the opportunity to engage with the council through their class representatives, or by submitting a possible topic for discussion to our suggestions box.

For more information on Strathearn's School Council, please contact Dr Haire.

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