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Admissions Year 8

Admissions 2022

The Admissions Criteria for entry into Strathearn in September 2022 is outlined below:

1. The first 100 places from the admissions total of 110 will be allocated to girls on the basis of the rank order of their respective Scores; those achieving higher Scores being allocated places before those with lower Scores. If more than one girl is eligible for the 100th place because they have equal Scores, then all such girls will be allocated places up to the School’s admission number, using, if necessary, the criteria listed in 4 below.

2. Following the allocation of places as described in criterion 1, a pool (the ‘Pool’) will be established and the remaining places (if any) shall be allocated from the Pool.

The Pool will consist of at least 15 girls identified on the basis of the rank order of their respective Scores. The Pool will include all girls who achieved the three next highest Scores. If the number of girls achieving these Scores is less than 15, then all girls achieving the fourth next highest Score shall be included in the Pool and, if necessary, the fifth next highest Score and so on, until the Pool consists of at least 15 girls.

Once the Pool has been established, girls from the Pool will be allocated to the remaining places on application of the criteria listed in 4 below.

3. If, following the application of criteria 1 and 2 above, all the available places have not been filled, the School will consider for admission any girls who have not taken the CEA. Allocation of the remaining places will be made by applying the criteria listed in 4 below.

4. If as specified above, the number of applications exceeds the number of available places, or point 3 above applies, the following further criteria will then apply, in the order stated:

(i) girls enrolled in the School’s Preparatory Department as of 1 September 2020;

(ii) girls with a child of the family* currently enrolled in the School’s Secondary Department (details to be supplied) or accepted for enrolment in September 2022;

(iii) girls who are the eldest child of the family* in September 2022 (details to be supplied);

(iv) girls with the highest Scores;

(v) girls who are entitled to Free School Meals*;

(vi) girls with a child of the family who has attended the School’s Secondary Department (name and date of attendance to be supplied);

(vii) girls with a child of the family currently enrolled in Years 8 to 14 or accepted for enrolment in September 2022, in Campbell College (details to be supplied);

(viii) if more than one girl is eligible for the final place, priority will be given to the girl whose home is closer to the School. Distance will be measured in a straight line using an Ordnance Survey web distance measurement tool from the front door of the girl’s home to the front entrance of the School’s main administrative building. Home will be taken to mean the girl’s address appearing at the commencement of the Transfer Application Form.

*  for the purposes of the Admissions Criteria, the phrase “child of the family” covers: a child born to a married couple or to a couple in a civil partnership; a child born to a co-habiting couple; a child born to a single parent; a child of either/any of those people by a previous marriage, civil partnership or relationship; a child living with a couple who has been treated as a “child of the family” whether there is a civil partnership or not; a child living with an individual, who has been treated as a “child of the family”; an adopted or fostered child; a situation where, for example, an orphaned cousin is being brought up with a family or individual.

* eldest child [eligible for admission]” will mean the eldest or only girl in the family, with each twin or each multiple being regarded as an eldest child. The ‘eldest child’ criterion will also apply in the case where a family has not had the opportunity to enrol an elder daughter, such as the case where the elder daughter has completed her post-primary education, could not attend a mainstream school (eg attends a special school) or where the family has relocated to Northern Ireland.

* entitled to Free School Meals will mean girls who are listed on the Education Authority register as entitled to Free School Meals at the date on which their parent or guardian has signed their post-primary Transfer Application, or at any date up to and including Wednesday 9 March 2022, no later than 4pm.

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