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Music Department

Music is an art which brings pleasure to everybody. Strathearn's Music Department is led by two classroom teachers and ten vocal and instrumental tutors.

Music is a very popular option at Strathearn, with many pupils opting to study the subject for GCSE and A-level.



Ms J Kimber (Head of Department)

Miss R Armstrong

Miss G Campbell

Mrs I Clarke

Miss K Cuddy

Mrs T Erskine

Mrs C Fullerton

Mrs H Gamble

Mr D Lindsay

Miss J McCartney

Mrs S Shepherd

Mr P Tinney


Our department aims to develop skills and provide experiences which will enable all students to make music to the very best of their ability and with as much enjoyment as possible.

Overview of work

All pupils study music from first to third form here at Strathearn. At Key Stage 3, we focus on practical and creative musical skills, as well as covering theoretical and historical content. Activities include playing keyboards, ukuleles, guitars and other instruments, composing original music, singing, using music technology, including software such as GarageBand and Logic Pro X, and recording in our dedicated studio.

Students at GCSE follow the CCEA specification, which includes individual and ensemble performance, independent composition tasks and the study of a wide range of set works, assessed in a listening exam.

At A-level, we follow the CCEA specification, which includes individual performance, independent composition tasks, the study of a wide range of set works, assessed in listening and written exams, and advanced skills in musical analysis.

Extracurricular Opportunties
Students can join choirs, orchestras and other ensembles. Details of these groups can be seen on this site under Studying at Strathearn/School Activities.

There are three or more concerts each year, where soloists and ensembles perform in public.

Music Tuition

A large number of students make use of the opportunity to have vocal or instrumental lessons in school. The Guidelines for Music Tuition 2023-24 can be seen here.

The online application form for students returning to music tuition for the year 2023-24 can be accessed here.

The online application form for students who wish to start music tuition at Strathearn for the first time in 2023-24 can be accessed here.  This is the form for all new first form pupils wishing to start tuition.



Students who take music go on to pursue careers in performance, perhaps as an instrumental performer or singer-songwriter, teaching, sound engineering, or the law or health professions.


Useful Links

GCSE Music

A-level Music

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