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Media Studies

Media Studies is offered in Strathearn to pupils entering Sixth Form. It is a vibrant, creative and interesting course, offering pupils an opportunity to engage with a variety of media texts. These include the study of movies, television, videogames, magazines, newspapers, advertisements, music videos, social media and radio. 

Pupils are encouraged to think critically and independently about the influential role of the media in today’s society, analysing the contemporary media landscape and its changing contexts.

Pupils will also have an opportunity to develop practical production skills and create their own media products through an enjoyable coursework project offered in both years of study.



Unit 1: Investigating Media

In this unit you will learn the fundamentals of media forms, platforms and the concepts which lie beneath the surface. You will study nine different Close Study Products, each one representing a different media form, such as movies and videogames. This unit is assessed by a written exam which is worth 70% of your AS level.

Unit 2: Non-Exam Assessment (Product Creation)

This module will take you through the production process of a media text. You will research the codes and conventions of professional media products and will have the opportunity to create a media product of your own in relation to a given brief. This unit is worth 30% of your AS-Level.



Unit 1: Investigating Media

As with your AS-Level, this unit involves the study of Close Study Products. This time, you will look at 18 different texts, including several synoptic studies. This unit is assessed by two written exams which are each worth 35% of your A-Level.

Unit 2: Non-Exam Assessment (Creating a Cross-Media Product)

This will give you the opportunity to create two different media products as part of a cross-production coursework project. This unit is worth 30% of your A-Level.

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