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Maths Department

The Mathematics department is made up of 4 full-time and 4 part-time teachers including the head of department, all of whom are eager to engage their students with the subject through a variety of approaches. The department has 5 large, well-equipped classrooms, each with an Interactive Whiteboard.


Mrs Anderson (Head of Department)

Mrs Aiken

Mrs Armstrong

Mrs Cochrane

Mrs Cozzo

Mrs Foye

Mrs McKeown

Mrs Wallace



In the junior school we aim to make Mathematics more fun and accessible with an emphasis on active learning. The use of iPads has been incorporated into all KS3 lessons. In the senior school the department enjoys great success in public examinations with 100% pupils having achieved grade C and above at GCSE level in 2020. This trend leads to a high uptake of Mathematics at A level including a significant number of girls who complete the course in one year. Mathematics is always one of the most popular A-Level choices in Strathearn.  A significant proportion of these girls then go on to study Further Mathematics in their final year at Strathearn, preparing them well for many Mathematical, Science and Engineering based degree courses.

Overview of work

For pupils in first to third form at Strathearn, KS3 Maths is varied and interesting.  It is made as interactive as possible while still ensuring a secure foundation upon which to support GCSE Maths. At KS3, pupils use their iPads to access textbooks and other learning materials. Girls may complete GCSE Maths or GCSE Further Maths. There tends to be two Further Maths classes and three GCSE classes.  Further Maths brings additional challenge for those pupils who enjoy Mathematics and wish to do more! Maths is a popular subject choice at A-level, and the department delivers Maths, as well as Double Maths and Further Maths. A level material introduces Pure Maths, Mechanics and Statistics. Further Maths introduces many new topics such as Complex Numbers and Circular Motion.


Extracurricular Opportunities

Pupils participate in a range of extracurricular activities through the Maths Department. From end of term quizzes, to the UKMT Maths Challenges. The school has had success in the Open Data Challenge for KS3 students. Attending Maths lectures at Queen’s University Belfast also enhances girls’ understanding of and love for the subject. Our particular love of maths is shared with pupils from local primary schools when we do ‘Mathearn’ Day.



Pupils who take Maths at Strathearn go on to further study and work in a variety of areas including medicine, engineering, accounting, market research and air traffic control.



CCEA Mathematics


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