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Modern Languages Department

The Modern Languages Department at Strathearn has a team of dedicated teachers and foreign language assistants. Lessons are taught in our modern classrooms, which have digital projectors, interactive whiteboards and internet connectivity. The department also has three tutorials rooms for conversation classes and the well-stocked departmental resource base is supported by the school Library as well as interactive web-based resources and subscriptions.


Mrs Fielding (Head of Department)

Mr Meharg

Mrs Morrow

Mrs Muldrew

Mrs Thompson

Miss Turner



Ms Gushurst (Language assistant)

Ms Perdomo Rodriguez (Language assistant)

Mrs Reid (Language assistant)



We aim to make foreign language learning a rewarding, enjoyable, intellectually stimulating and successful experience, offering insights into the culture and civilisation of the foreign language countries and ultimately teaching the girls practical communication skills for further study, work and leisure abroad. The study of Modern Languages provides many opportunities for personal and social development.

Overview of work

All pupils study French in form 1 and choose between Spanish and German as a second language in form 2. Pupils practise speaking, listening, reading and writing skills in the target language through the study of language topics and grammatical structures.

Each pupil continues with a least one language at GCSE. We follow CCEA’s GCSE specifications. Pupils develop their knowledge and understanding by studying three contexts for learning: Identity, Lifestyle and Culture; Local, National, International and Global Areas of Interest; and School Life, Studies and the World of Work.

French, Spanish and German (in collaboration with Campbell College Belfast) are offered at A level. The CCEA specifications are followed in all three languages. Pupils complete 3 assessment units at AS and 3 at A2. Pupils develop their language skills at an advanced level and gain knowledge and understanding of societal, political and cultural issues of the target language country.


Extracurricular Opportunities

The Department provides an opportunity for pupils to experience the language, culture and sights of the foreign country by participating in NICILT events and trips abroad.  Such educational experiences are considered very important in providing an enjoyable and motivating experience for pupils. We celebrate the European Day for Languages each September by hosting a French breakfast and by presenting a special assembly. Both junior and senior pupils have the opportunity to take part in MFL competitions and challenges.



Strathearn’s linguists go into a range of fields of employment, including translation, interpreting, teaching and the diplomatic services, as well as law, journalism and personnel and HR management.



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