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Information and Communications Technology Department

In Strathearn ICT is an integral part of the curriculum. In Forms 1 to 3 ICT skills are taught as a discrete subject by specialist teachers. These skills are then applied by the pupils across the curriculum. Students are taught in the ICT Classroom or the Learning Resource Centre which both have C2K networked computers as well as interactive whiteboards. All pupils are given a school email address which is used for internal and external communication. Microsoft O365 apps such as Teams and OneNote are also used to enhance the pupils learning experience in the department.  Pupils may access this content along with their email and school files outside of school via MySchool.


Mrs Armstrong (Head of Department)

Miss Newburn

Miss Whitla



The department aims to give pupils the skills that they will need to live and work in the fast-changing digital world.

Overview of work

The KS3 curriculum includes word processing, spreadsheets, presentation software, database development, the use of email, internet research and safety, alongside programming skills using Scratch, BBC:Microbit and HTML. In addition, KS3 classes use their iPads to explore movie making, program robots and access class resources via Teams, OneNote and OneDrive. At GCSE, our students undertake CCEA’s GCSE in Digital Technology, and study Digital Technology, Digital Authoring Concepts and undertake a practical element related to the Digital Authoring. At A-level, our Digital Technologists continue with CCEA, and study units in Approaches to Systems Development, Fundamentals of Digital Technology, Information Systems and undertake a case study in Application Development.


Extracurricular Opportunities

The school has had great success recently in participating in the CyberFirst Girls Competition and the TechKnow Schools Competition.



Strathearn’s Digital Technology students go on to pursue careers in a range of areas including mobile application development, cyber security, software engineering, systems analysis and database administration.



Microsoft Office for Home

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