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History Department

The study of History at Strathearn School is through skills-based learning and teaching. We retell stories about the past. Through learning, analysis and comprehension about the past pupils will more comprehensively understand the present and be more knowledgeable in helping to shape the future. The department comprises 3 enthusiastic teachers, who employ a comprehensive and wide-ranging collection of textbooks, artefacts and sources in their delivery of the subject.


Mr Bradley (Head of Department)

Mr Mulligan

Miss Sturgeon



The department aims to Encourage pupils to actively participate in local, national and international issues.

History is regarded as a “facilitating” subject by the Russell Group of Universities. In Strathearn, pupils will be schooled in a wide range of skills that will open doors to careers in science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics. Our aim is to Empower pupils to find the career that best suits them.

By committing to the highest academic standards, the department aims to enable our pupils to Excel so that they can reach their full potential.

Overview of work

From first to third form, pupils will study stories of continuity and change from the medieval times to the present day. At GCSE, we follow CCEA’s specification, and look at Life in Nazi Germany from 1933-1945, and Northern Ireland and its Neighbours from 1920 – 1949. Students also study International Relations from 1945 to 2003. At A-level, pupils begin by learn about Italy and Germany from 1815 – 71, and Italy’s quest for great power status from 1871 to 1943. In the second year of the A-level course, students focus on the American Presidency, 1901 to 2000 and the Partition of Ireland 1900 to 1925.


Extracurricular Opportunities

Pupils may participate in a range of trips to sites of historical interest and museums. Our first form pupils enjoy a trip to Carrickfergus Castle, and in third form pupils visit the Somme Heritage Centre to support their learning about the First World War. There are also opportunities to visit the Somme Battle Fields and Berlin as pupils move further up the school.



Historians go on to a range of fields of study and employment, including the arts and humanities, law, engineering, the medical and caring professions and banking and finance.


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