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Geography Department

 Inspiring the next generation to understand and engage with the world around them

"Geography is important, because it opens our eyes; a landscape is no longer a static feature, but a complex battleground of physical and human interactions. Local is no longer local, but a collision point for the interaction of many ’locals’ drawn from a global stage. With technology increasingly drawing the world closer together, it is important that the role of Geography in helping the public in understanding this complex and unpredictable world is championed!”
Source: Tony Cassidy

Our Vision

The Geography Department in Strathearn School has a vision that is shared among its members and forms the foundation and inspiration for who we are and what we do.

We want the pupils of Strathearn School to be inspired. In other words, we want the pupils to become passionate about the world around them, understanding the complexity of human life in its physical surroundings. We want to send young people into the world to show sensitivity and empathy to all; to be tolerant and independent thinkers and to be fully prepared to play an active citizen's role in an ever changing world.

We believe this is best achieved through inspirational teaching!

The Geographers of Strathearn School aim to:

Our commitment to the pupils of Strathearn School is to:

As Geographers, we are passionate about our subject, dedicated to our pupils and committed to standards of excellence.



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