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Geography Department

At Strathearn, the Geography department seeks to inspire the next generation to understand and engage with the world around them. Geography is delivered in modern classrooms, with interactive whiteboards, through the enthusiastic staff in the department who work to build a community where learning is enjoyable and teaching is a privilege.


Mr Stevenson (Head of Department)

Miss Morrison

Mrs Sinnerton

Mrs Staples



The department aims to

Overview of work

From first to third form, pupils engage in a wide variety of topics. After an introduction to the subject in first form called What is Geography?, they delve into a wide array of physical and human geography topics that include a study of Urban Belmont, river landscapes, population and global issues for the 2020s. At GCSE, our students undertake CCEA’s specification and study units on Our Natural World, Living in Our World and Fieldwork. At A-level, geographers continue with CCEA, and study units in Physical Geography, Human Geography as well as developing their understanding of Fieldwork, Skills and Techniques and Decision Making.


Extracurricular Opportunities

Fieldwork is an important experience for pupils at each key stage, and they explore local and international landscapes when possible. In recent years, the Geography and Science Departments have teamed up to take KS4 and KS5 pupils on an Earth Sciences trip to Lanzarote, where they learn about volcanic activity, ecology and human interactions with a hostile landscape.



Strathearn’s geographers go on to study and work in fields that include conservation, teaching, town planning, research, law and journalism.



CCEA Geography

Royal Geographical Society

Geographical Association

National Geographic Education


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