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Sixth Form

Sixth Form Subject Choice Booklet

Curriculum A-Level

Coursework is an important part of the assessment A-level work in many subjects as the marks contribute to the final AS and A-level grades awarded. I have enclosed information about coursework to make you aware of its importance and advice on how you can help support your daughter in this work. Table 1 on the enclosed sheet specifies the type of task and the percentage of the total mark which coursework contributes in each subject. Table 2 shows approximately the times of year when coursework is carried out in each subject. I would ask you to discuss these tables with your daughter and mark in table 1 the subjects (if any) which are applicable to her.

You can see that certain times of year are especially busy with coursework, depending on the subjects which a girl is taking. When she is given a coursework task, it is most important that she sticks to the deadline set by her teacher. It is the pupil’s own responsibility to hand in the work on time.
Pressure of work is a real issue for pupils at A-level as they endeavour to cope successfully with all aspects of their school work. If deadlines are missed, this pressure increases considerably as coursework tasks eat into other important activities such as revising for tests and examinations.

How can you best support your daughters with her coursework?
By being aware of the tasks to be done and the times when they should be done.
By providing a quiet place to work.
By encouraging your daughter to keep to deadlines.
By discussing the issue sympathetically but firmly with her if you are concerned.
If you are seriously concerned, by telephoning her subject teacher.

Authentication of coursework
Each coursework piece must be the pupil’s own original work. This is an obvious and strict rule. The Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA) has published a guide for parents explaining this issue and a copy is attached for your information. [The QCA is the UK body which has overall responsibility for all the examination boards.] The issue has already been explained to the pupils by their form tutors.

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