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Pastoral Care

Our pastoral care policy is centred on the pupil and begins with the individual induction visits of Prep 1 pupils and their parents in June, prior to commencing school in September. There is also an induction programme for all new pupils which enables them to settle quickly and confidently, at whatever age or stage of the academic year they may join Penrhyn.

Every member of the Penrhyn staff has a role in enabling the pupils to gain maximum benefit from their time at school, but the child’s class teacher is the key figure in the pastoral system.

At the beginning of every academic year, parents are invited to give any information, medical or personal, which they feel the school needs to know, in order that due care and consideration may be given to their daughter. Parents are encouraged to contact the school at any stage throughout the year, if they feel that any new information should be added to their daughter’s file.

As well as the scheduled parent-teacher consultations which are held twice a year; we are always glad to meet with parents to discuss their daughter’s progress and personal development or to talk over any concerns they might have. If this need arises parents are encouraged to make an appointment with the class teacher, with the Head of Department or with Ms Boyd, who has overall responsibility for pastoral care in Penrhyn.

In Penrhyn, we aim to provide a caring, supportive and safe environment in which pupils can learn and develop to their full potential. One way in which we seek to protect our pupils is by helping them to acquire the confidence and skills they need to keep themselves safe. If anyone has a concern about a child’s safety they may talk to the appropriate form teacher; to Ms Boyd, who is the designated teacher for Child Protection, or to Mrs Mawhinney.

Flyers containing a synopsis of the School Policies on Child Protection, Drugs and Anti-Bullying are provided for parents on the enrolment of their daughter and at regular intervals thereafter.

Our full Pastoral Care policies are available on our website or in the School Office.


Positive Behaviour

High Standards of discipline and self-discipline are expected in Penrhyn. We are committed to creating an atmosphere and environment in which every pupil feels comfortable, confident and secure. By creating an awareness of personal responsibility and by identifying and agreeing the type of behaviour which is desirable in our school community, we aim to have a positive framework within which pupils may operate happily and successfully.

The girls in each year group enjoy working together to draw up positive codes of behaviour for their classrooms and for whole school situations. These agreed codes are displayed in each classroom around the school and in the staffroom.  They fall into the broad categories of:

The code of behaviour for the whole school falls into the categories of:

A copy of these codes of behaviour/classroom charters is also included in the School’s Positive Behaviour Policy which is available to parents upon request.

The School Council

The School Council decided to convert the courtyard area into a beautiful child friendly zone with pretty planters.

Special Educational Needs

In accordance with the 1996 (NI) Education Order and the 2005 Special Educational Needs and Disability (NI) Order, the Governors of Strathearn are cognisant of their responsibilities in relation to Special Educational Needs and Inclusion.

They consider a statement of Special Educational Needs to exist if a pupil has a learning difficulty which calls for a special educational provision or a disability which may prevent her from making full use of the educational facilities available for children of this age.

Any pupil in Penrhyn, statemented or otherwise, experiences the full range of the curriculum through involvement in all classes during Foundation Stage and Key Stages 1 and 2.

Learning Support Provision

Mrs Hanna provides learning support for pupils who need a little extra help in certain aspects of their school work. She works closely with the class teacher to devise an individual learning programme. This programme of support can involve pupils working on a one to one, or in a small group.

Where a pupil which a specific difficulty is identifies, she is allocated an individual learning programme in the relevant area of study. Progress is discussed with the child’s parents, and where necessary, advice and support is sought from the Area Board’s Educational Psychology Service.


Lunch Time Arrangements

The lunch break is from 12 noon until 1pm. All Penrhyn girls (Prep 1 from October onwards) walk to the Strathearn canteen every day for lunch. They are accompanied at all times by lunch time supervisors and a member of staff is also in attendance.

The girls had a choice of either a lunch provided by the school canteen (at a cost of £2.55 per day, payable in addition to fees each term) or of bringing a packed lunch,


The school uniform, including regulation blazer, must be work by all pupils as prescribed. It is a smart, sensible and practical uniform. The girls wear it with a sense of pride and we attach importance to the high standard of its appearance. It is essential that all items of clothing and equipment are clearly marked with the owner’s name.

On admission to Penrhyn, a uniform list with details of suppliers is issued to parents.


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