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Media Studies

Media Studies (Department of English)


In Media Studies you are encouraged to investigate media texts in order to reach an understanding of how media texts are created. You are also encouraged to develop and formulate an understanding of the influential role of the media today, analysing the contemporary media landscape and its changing contexts. You will be required to develop practical production skills which will allow you to produce your own media texts. The subject aims to give you an enjoyable experience of broadcast, e-media and conventional print media, but you must be prepared to think critically, to read widely and to undertake independent study.
AS Course

The AS Media Studies course consists of two units:


Unit 1: Investigating Media

In this unit you will learn the fundamentals of media forms and platforms and the concepts which lie beneath the surface, as well as the role of marketing and the promotion of these products.


Unit 2: Creating Media

This module will take you through the production process of a media text. You will research the codes and conventions of professional media products and you will have the opportunity to create a media product of your own.

A2 Course

The A2 Media Studies course also consists of two units:


Unit Three: Critical Perspectives

You will be encouraged to widen your understanding of the media by referring to wider contexts (social, political, historical and economic) which affect media production, distribution and exhibition. You will have the opportunity to take part in discussions which explore major contemporary media debates and issues.


Unit Four: Research and Production

This module requires you to research and produce one critical investigation and one linked production piece. You will be expected to integrate your theoretical knowledge of the media and relevant cross-cultural issues into your practical production piece.

How is the subject assessed?

The exam board AQA is responsible for the external assessment of this subject.


AS Level

  • Unit One is externally assessed in a two hour exam which accounts for 50% of your marks for AS level.
  • Unit Two is internally assessed coursework (two production pieces and a 1500 word essay) which accounts for the other 50%.


A2 Level

  • Unit Three is externally assessed in a two hour exam which accounts for 50% of your marks for A2 level (25% of total A’level).

Unit Four is internally assessed coursework (critical investigation and a linked production piece) which accounts for the other 50% (25% of total A’level).

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