Strathearn School

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188 Belmont Road, Belfast, BT4 2AU, Northern Ireland | 028 9047 1595

House System

Upcoming events:

Tuesday 7th March           Inter House Cross Country     Forms 1 - U6         Periods 8 & 9

Friday 17th March             Inter House Hockey                Forms 1 & 2           Periods 1 - 3 

                                                                                          Forms 3 - U6         Periods 4 - 6

Tuesday 4th April              Inter House Bake-Off             Forms 1 & 2           Periods 1 - 4

                &                                                                       Forms 3 & 4           Periods 6 - 9

Wednesday 5th April         Inter House Bake-Off             Forms 5 - U6          Periods 1 - 4

Congratulations to all the girls who took part in Strathearn’s Got Talent and to all those who came along to support them, it was great entertainment for all and we look forward to future events.  Many thanks to all the Staff and pupils who helped with making it all run so smoothly!!

2017 Results:

1st               Sophie Allen U6H                   McCaughey                  10 points

2nd              Sophie McCann (2T)              McCaughey                   8 points

3rd               Lara Whitten (2R)                  Watts                             6 points

                   & Leah Howe (2A)

= 4th            Rosie Elwood (2R)                  Boucher                         3 points

                   & Rachel Neale (2R)

=4th             Emily Hanna (1S)                   Boucher                        3 points

=4th             Emma Rowan (U6H)              Barbour                         3 points

                    & Naivasha Pratt-Jarvis (U6H)      

=4th             Rebekah Devlin (1S)              Barbour                         3 points

                    & Stella Moore, Hollie Massey (1H)

=4th             Tara Winton (1A)                   Watts                             3 points




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