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Careers Calendar 2018-2019

Careers Calendar 2018-2019

(some of these dates are provisional and may change, while some have still to be confirmed)





4 Sept

UU Open Day –Jordanstown

5 Sept

Personal statement guidance 1 – Law

6 Sept

Queen’s University Open Day

7 Sept

University of Dundee talk – lunchtime

8 Sept (Sat)

Queen’s University Family Open Day 10.30am – 4pm

 10 Sept

Personal statement guidance 2 – Engineering

10 September

Ucas Parents’ Information Evening

 11 Sept

Project Trust (gap year organisation) talk 1pm in the careers suite

12 Sept

Talk by Harper Adams University – 1pm

13 Sept

Strathearn’s internal Early Applicant Deadline

13 Sept

Form 5 talk on preparing for careers guidance interviews period 1

13 Sept

Talk on applying to Oxford 12.50pm

14 Sept

Talk from Lancaster University 12.50

17 Sept

Personal statement guidance 3 – English

18 Sept

Talk by St Andrews 12.50pm

 19 Sept

Personal statement guidance 4 – Finance/accounting/business

Mid Sept

Careers guidance interviews get underway for Form 5

20 Sept

Nursing talk lunchtime in the careers suite

20 Sept

Form 5 Careers Talks 1 - medicine

21 Sept

Army talk to Form 5, L6 & U6 period 3

22 Sept (Sat)

University of Ulster Open Day – Coleraine

24 Sept

Talk on Veterinary Science 1pm

 25 Sept

Personal statement guidance 5 – Science

 26 Sept

Personal statement guidance 6 History

28 Sept

Personal statement guidance 7 - Languages

29 Sept (Sat)

University of Ulster Open Day – Magee





2 Oct

Personal statement guidance 8 -Geography

3 Oct

Talk on Royal Navy - lunchtime

Early Oct

Seminar on teaching - lunchtime

4 Oct

Form 5 Careers Talk 2 - Law

11 Oct

Form 5 Careers Talk 3 - Engineering

15 Oct

Strathearn’s internal  Ucas deadline

15 Oct

Ucas early applicant deadline


17 Oct

Lunch time talk by Deloitte on Accountancy & Higher Level Apprenticeships

24 Oct

Subject Mapping 4 Careers: Form 3

31 Oct

BMAT & Oxbridge pre interview assessments



7 Nov

Talk on interview preparation to U6 period 7

8 Nov

Form 5 Talk 4- Teaching

9 Nov

Talk on the IT sector period 1 – L6

14 Nov

Medical Interview Workshop 1

15 Nov

Oxbridge Practice Interviews

20 Nov

U6 Mock Interview Evening

26 Nov

Medical Interview Workshop 2



27 Nov

Lunchtime talk on applying to Harvard and other American universities

28 Nov

Strathclyde University presentation



 Early Dec

Talk on CAO (applying to universities in the Republic of Ireland)

4 Dec

Teaching Interview Workshop 1

6 Dec

Talk for Form 3 by careers adviser (Dept Economy) on choosing GCSEs – period 1


6 Dec

Teaching Interview Workshop 2

12 Dec

Former pupils to talk about life at Oxbridge

19 Dec

Former pupils talk on medicine and dentistry





16 Jan

Nursing Interview Workshop 1

18 Jan

Bring IT On event for Form 3

 Mid  Jan

University of Southampton 1pm

 Mid Jan

St Andrews talk

 24 Jan

Talk by careers adviser (Dept Economy) for Form 5 on choosing A Levels

End Jan

CAFRE talk 1pm

 26 Jan

HPAT Ulster

 End Jan

Talk on the Food & Drink sector in NI 12.50pm

30 Jan

Nursing Interview Workshop 2


Stranmillis Open Day

31 Jan

Form 5 talk 5- Film & Media



Early Feb

Liverpool Hope University talk 1pm

8 Feb

Newcastle University talk at 12.50

14 Feb

Talk by Queen’s to L6 period 2

 mid Feb

Advice session to pupils Form5 & L6 interested in applying for medically related courses


Scottish Universities Tour talk-  lunchtime

 TBC Feb

Advice to pupils in Form 5 and L6 interested in teaching

26 Feb

Medical workshop by Lancaster University

End Feb

Talk by Northumbria University 12.50pm

28 Feb

Form 5 Careers Talks 6  - Entrepreneurship/Business (Events Management)

End Feb

Talk by University of Cambridge


L6 to attend the Ucas Higher Education Convention at the Eikon Exhibition Centre periods 1 – 6 (buses will be provided for pupils)



 7 March

Form 5 Careers Talks 7 – Police

7 March

Talk on Marine Biology

7 March

Ulster University talk to L6 period 2

8 March

Liverpool John Moores talk - lunchtime

14 March

Talk to L6 on personal statements Period 2

Mid March

Careers using Maths

14 March

Form 5 Careers Talk 8 -  Languages




SERC talk- lunchtime



20 March

Talk on student finance U6 period 7

21 March

Form 5 Talk 9 – Artistic Careers/Photography

End March

Scotland’s Modern Universities Tour presentation

End March

Oxford & Cambridge Student Conference - Lisburn





4 April

Robotics Road Show Form 1 periods 1-6

10 April

Talk on rental and tenancy agreements at university U6





6 June

Talk to Form 4 about careers provision from Dept Economy for following year

12 June

Health & Safety talk for L6 10am

Mid Jun

University Road Show 1pm – 3.15pm

17 – 21 June

L6 work experience



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